Last year in Middle East the most important news was agreement between Iran and 5+1 countries.
Iran nuclear program were cause of near 10 years sanctions and by limitations foreign investment reduced near less than 10% of volume happened in same period before sanction starts. GDP  downfall and economic grows rate made Iran economy on of the weeks in area and investment in many potentials nuclear deal during 2015 a new season starts in Iran economy and many multinational companies start their activities in Iran market and mega scale projects.
Iran mine and metals, oil and gas, railway and aviation are the most copacetic fields for investors. This article review glancing opportunities in mine and metal fields.

There are three main mountain ranges in Iran. In Northern part from west to east is (Alborz) range, in west area from northwest to west and south and southeast is Zagros ranges. There are also some other different ranges from northeast to east part and southeast of Iran.
Through these mountains and the confluence of the both sides of the range there are many deposit of metallic minerals, industrial soils and sands, natural decorative stones such as igneous or sedimentary, also different kinds of metamorphic rocks stones or minerals, more than 50 element of precious metals, industrial rocks and soils, intrusive and extrusive of rocks and minerals, coal oil and natural gas.
Some of these materials are being produced and used in Iran and some raw material or finished product are being exported abroad.
In many parts of Iran we have iron-lead-zinc-copper-gold-silver-strontium-alumina and most other minerals also different types of decorative stones such as granites (white-grey-pink-green-black-red-…) sedimentary stones such as marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, sand stone, other constructional minerals like rustic dusts used to produce several kind of breaks ,chalks.
Iron quarries are mostly in central and south of Iran also in northeast close to Afghanistan borders.
Important iron mines are Bafgh – Chadormalou in Yazd province, Gole-Gohar in Kerman province and Khaf complex in Khorasan.
Large scale and important cupper deposit are in Sarcheshmeh (Kerman) and Songhun in north Azarbayjan (Ahar-Aresbaran). By drawing a direct line between this two important mining zones, many cupper quarries are visible under this line, geologist call this line as Sanandaj-Sirjan belt!
Lead and zinc complex located in Mehdiabad (Yazd province) and large zinc and lead complex in Azerbayjan – central (Anguran).
In three northern provinces (Azerbayjan) there are many different kinds of precious metals and decorative stone also industrial soils and elements.
Intrusive and extrusive deposits are near Maku in north part and decorative deposits such as red-brown – yellow travertine located around Uromiyeh Lake (famous red travertine called Sorya). In Azar Shahr Azarbayjan – west – south Uromiyeh Lake there are precious marble and onix. Also white and beige travertine – an important basic intrusive rock (gabro a fine decorative black stone) can be explored in this area.
In central – Azerbayjan (Tabriz) a large copper deposit (Songoon) is located and operating plant (mining-sm elting-refinery plants) are running now.
In southern part of the province there are granite (pink to grey) deposit. In Marand also there are some industrial soils and minerals (perlit-diatomit-barite-pomiss-alonite-bentonite-kaolinit-florin, which in some of these mines extraction and operation is running. Also one big gold deposit (Takab) is in this place.
In eastern region of the province (Ardabil) there are gold marble deposit (naming beige marble) and germy granite (grey and black) in northern part of Ardabil. Big alumina stones in south of province is on exploration.
In all other part of Iran there are different precious metallic or decorative stone or industrial soil and sand.
Granite: In Kalardasht (North) – in Abhar (Zanjan)-in Marand (Azarbayejan) – Gabro and grey color (Natanz) …
Travertine: Mahalat-Natanz-Kordestan-Lorestan-Shiraz province-Urmiyeh-Azarbayejan-…
Marble and onik – Shiraz province – Isfahan – Kordestan – Khorasan – Kerman …
Metamorphic stone – green stone (Birjand)…
Basic interactive rocks – green diabas (Harijan – Chalus)

Because of laws many private sector companies are not interested in investing in Iran to explore new potentials in Iran. Near 70% of lands are unknown for geologists and also other quarries which are active in depth of 90m maximum. It means it’s a long way to know Iran as well and reconnaissance all mines potentials.
After lifting sanctions, Iran returns to world of economy. But during past 10 years many new technologies and methods invented and the distance between Iran and others has become very huge!
This gap let investors to start working in one of the richest mining zones of the world. The government and parliament changed many rules in past few years and now new laws support foreign investors as well. Actually better than before and past years.
One of the biggest gas and oil reserves is located in south of Iran, in Hormozgan, Bushehr,Chaharbahar provinces all investors needed beside each other. Gas, port, land, sea side, and different kind of metals and industrial minerals are collected in less than 200 km!
Many industries shall establish in these 3 provinces. Access to sea side are cause of less transportation costs and factories who start work in this area able to export products to all over the world.
Cement, still, tile and ceramic, glass products, barite mineral, are important mining industries who are able to establish in this zone of country.
In south of Persian Gulf, we can see largest market of construction and building materials with huge demands, it’s a very good opportunity for investors who looking for mega scale markets.
Qatar and U.A.E grow fast and many constructional projects are running in this two rich countries.

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